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1. Be A House Cleaning Manager And Not A Stuff Manager – You should avoid being a stuff manager and rather work on being a cleaning project manager. You can only be a cleaning project manager by finding and practicing your own minimalist version, find a place for everything, and have a maintenance plan.

2. Make A Cleaning Plan – Housecleaning practice should have a plan and not like the one shown below. It is wise to walk through each room with a note and a pen. Then note down all the areas that need cleaning. Taking photos is highly recommended. Make your housecleaning project clean and organized.

3. Create A Checklist – Now that you have taken notes on areas where you need to clean, the next step is to create a checklist for each room. With a checklist, your work would be to work on it.

House Cleaning Tips

4. Create Daily Household Cleaning Chores – It is important to remember that there are areas in your home that need everyday attention. These are chores that must be completed every day. A good example includes dishes, making the bed, sorting mail, and much more.

5. Come Up With A 15 Minute House Cleaning Plan – This tip includes a list of those chores that you can do within 15 minutes or even less. These chores are to be done when someone is extremely busy at work or with other activities. Examples include sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming. 15-minute chores are important also when one is trying to create a more visual impact.

6. Creating A Family House Cleaning Plan – This cleaning method needs the help of all family members. It is a method that lets everyone know their cleaning duties and responsibilities. Remember, this method is optional, and let them know their allowance for the chores they complete. Money is a great incentive.

7. Always Find Time To Implement Your Cleaning Plan And Schedule – The truth is that house cleaning plans and schedules might be demanding and requires a lot of time to complete. As such, it is wise to come up with good cleaning time. The best thing about cleaning schedules is that you can decide what to clean when to clean, and whose turn it is to clean.

8. Cleaning Supplies – No cleaning is possible without cleaning appropriate cleaning supplies. The best thing about cleaning supplies is that one has the option of choosing either homemade or store-bought supplies.

9. Always Use The Right Tool For The will teach you different ways to use vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, window cleaning tools, air cleaners, and others. Each cleaning tool has been designed for a specific function. As such, it is always important to use the right tool for a particular cleaning method or application.

10. The Benefits Of A Stopwatch or Timer – Did you know that having a stopwatch or clock is a great way to clean? How can it, and it is not a cleaning product or tool? Well, a stopwatch is great at keeping a person focused on the task ahead. In other words, it is a great tool that will keep you focused on cleaning, which in turn will make you finish the task faster and efficient. These clock options can be found in any smartphone.


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