7 Professional Cleaning Service Tips You Should Be Using

I take my roles very seriously, and one of these involves teaching online cleaning tips, and my other role entails running my house cleaning service. I started my company in 2006, and in the past few years, I have practiced, studied, and researched everything that I needed to know about cleaning. Today I am proud to say that I am an expert when it comes to professional cleaning.

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Over the years I have trained countless individuals on the right house cleaning methods. I teach people how to clean effectively and quickly, and I really enjoy sharing my pro secrets and tips that I pick up as I go. So grab a pair of rubber gloves and some enthusiasm. Here is a review of 7 of my best tricks and tips, so that you can start cleaning like a professional.

1. From The Top To The Bottom And The Left To The Right

My first tip involves cleaning from top-to-bottom, and from left-to-right. Before I knew how to clean properly, I used to clean in all directions. My cleaning method was similar to a Tasmanian Devil, sporadic and fast, yet not effective. It was sort of crazy. When I first found out about the left-to-right and top-to-bottom method and I started to use it, I instantly noticed changes.

The reason you should be cleaning from the top to the bottom is due to dirt and dust that will fall from above while you are cleaning. For example, when cleaning an area like the kitchen, it wouldn’t make sense to start with the countertops and then move onto the cupboards which would allow all the dust and grime to land up on your cleaned countertops. This results in double the amount of work, as you will end up having to clean the counters and the floor again. So make it a habit to always start from the top and then work downwards.

When cleaning from right-to-left or left-to-right, you choose which direction works best for you. Just make sure you are consistent. This is a technique that is more effective when it comes to cleaning, as it helps you to avoid missing sections or spots. Every section and corner in a room will be cleaned when you use this method.

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2. Leave It To Sit

In many of the TV commercials, you might have noticed that a product is sprayed and then instantly wiped away, and magically the dirt disappears. When I see these ads it frustrates me, because in most cases products need to sit in order to work. This plays an important role in your overall cleaning processes. If you do not allow the product to dwell for long enough, it might not work or it will not be very effective.

The “dwell time” serves two primary purposes. The first involves more effective cleaning. You may want to compare this to a hair dye. You cannot simply put the dye on your hair and wash it off immediately and then expect an immediate transformation. Certain cleaning products will work in a similar manner. They will need to sit and soak to make any difference, yet in most cases, the final result is highly effective. This includes both store-bought and DIY products.

The second reason why you should allow your products to sit includes effective disinfecting. If the product you are using contains disinfecting properties, you need to allow the product to sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes in order to eradicate bacteria. When using disinfecting products, first apply the spray, allow it to dwell for a while and then only wipe it away. In this way, you are achieving efficient disinfecting and cleaning at the same time.

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3. Start With The Mildest Products

Start with the more gentle and safer products and then move up from there, only when needed. This is even more important for homeowners with pets, children, or anyone that suffers from allergies or asthma. In most cases, your home is not as dirty as you may think, and milder products are often able to clean as effectively as harsh and stronger products. In most cases, it is not necessary to use those potent and super-strong products. However, for a situation where one of your pets has gone to the bathroom indoors, or you need to deal with a particularly greasy surface, you may want to think about a more powerful and stronger product. Yet, in the majority of cases, many of the DIY recipes that I frequently discuss and recommend or environmentally-friendly and gentle are just as efficient, safer, and effective.

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4. Use The Eye-Level Test

When you own your own cleaning service, you will experience a few defining moments which involve small things that you experience that will affect the business forever. One of my experiences involved a call back from a customer that was not very happy (I cleaned her home personally). She said that her counters in her kitchen had stains on them, and at the time I was thinking “Excuse me?” I was the one that cleaned those counters for at least 10 minutes. Of course, I showed her courtesy and politeness over the call, and immediately made a trip to her house in order to find out what she was talking about. When I got there she showed me the stains just under the microwave, which is an area that I failed to clean, but it was easy to see if you bend down and looked at this area from eye-level. From that day onwards, I included what I call my “eye-level” test.

Once you are finished cleaning drop down to eye-level to ensure you have not missed anything. This approach allows you to see any dirt and grime that may have been left behind. So take your cleaning to the next level and use this test every time you clean your horizontal surfaces.

5. Know About The “S” Pattern

Now we come to the well-known S pattern. In my earlier cleaning days, I used to clean using circular motions, because at the time I thought this was the right technique. After a couple of months, I soon came to realize that using circles is not an effective method for cleaning.

When you clean in circles all you are doing is collecting dirt, moving the grime around, and then placing the dirt back down in another location or where you originally started. This method usually involves working twice as hard to clean the area and you will probably end up missing out on sections.


The S pattern will instantly change your cleaning results. To achieve this technique begin from the top left-hand corner, wiping towards the right, followed by zig-zagging back and moving slowly down at every turn, to create an S. You will have far fewer streaks and better results.

6. Make Sure You Have Everything That You Will Need


When my home cleaning service first started, I did not know about this tip and spent much of my time going traveling between the kitchen and the room that I was working on to gather the cleaning tools that I needed. This can waste a lot of your time. Taking the time to plan how you clean each area will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Before you start cleaning in a room, make sure you have all the cleaning supplies that you will need and keep them in the middle of the room. If you can invest in a cleaning caddy. This will help you to clean more effectively and efficiently.

7. Perpendicular And Parallel

This is one of the tips I found out from the home stagers a number of years ago. When my cleaning company first started, I was unsure of how to make everything look tidy and neat, and in reality, 50% of cleaning has to do with tidying up. Even after spending hours cleaning something, things can still look unorganized and messy when items happen to be scattered all over the place.


The better approach is to declutter where you can, and then pile the rest of the items together. Line your items either perpendicular or parallel on the edge of a surface. This will create clean and straight lines, which is visually appealing, leaving your cleaning efforts with a more professional finish.

10 Good House Cleaning Tips

1. Be A House Cleaning Manager And Not A Stuff Manager – You should avoid being a stuff manager and rather work on being a cleaning project manager. You can only be a cleaning project manager by finding and practicing your own minimalist version, find a place for everything, and have a maintenance plan.

2. Make A Cleaning Plan – Housecleaning practice should have a plan and not like the one shown below. It is wise to walk through each room with a note and a pen. Then note down all the areas that need cleaning. Taking photos is highly recommended. Make your housecleaning project clean and organized.

3. Create A Checklist – Now that you have taken notes on areas where you need to clean, the next step is to create a checklist for each room. With a checklist, your work would be to work on it.

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4. Create Daily Household Cleaning Chores – It is important to remember that there are areas in your home that need everyday attention. These are chores that must be completed every day. A good example includes dishes, making the bed, sorting mail, and much more.

5. Come Up With A 15 Minute House Cleaning Plan – This tip includes a list of those chores that you can do within 15 minutes or even less. These chores are to be done when someone is extremely busy at work or with other activities. Examples include sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming. 15-minute chores are important also when one is trying to create a more visual impact.

6. Creating A Family House Cleaning Plan – This cleaning method needs the help of all family members. It is a method that lets everyone know their cleaning duties and responsibilities. Remember, this method is optional, and let them know their allowance for the chores they complete. Money is a great incentive.

7. Always Find Time To Implement Your Cleaning Plan And Schedule – The truth is that house cleaning plans and schedules might be demanding and requires a lot of time to complete. As such, it is wise to come up with good cleaning time. The best thing about cleaning schedules is that you can decide what to clean when to clean, and whose turn it is to clean.

8. Cleaning Supplies – No cleaning is possible without cleaning appropriate cleaning supplies. The best thing about cleaning supplies is that one has the option of choosing either homemade or store-bought supplies.

9. Always Use The Right Tool For The JobHousecleaning-tips.com will teach you different ways to use vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, window cleaning tools, air cleaners, and others. Each cleaning tool has been designed for a specific function. As such, it is always important to use the right tool for a particular cleaning method or application.

10. The Benefits Of A Stopwatch or Timer – Did you know that having a stopwatch or clock is a great way to clean? How can it, and it is not a cleaning product or tool? Well, a stopwatch is great at keeping a person focused on the task ahead. In other words, it is a great tool that will keep you focused on cleaning, which in turn will make you finish the task faster and efficient. These clock options can be found in any smartphone.